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  • 5th October 2018

Bathala Rotti

Sweet potato, or bathala as it is locally known, has been a cornerstone of rural Sri Lanka’s dinner table for centuries. Packed full of nutrients and flavor, this humble tuber grows extensively all over the island where the soil is favorable.

At Jetwing Kaduruketha’s organic garden, plots of sweet potatoes flourish under the watchful eye of the hotel’s naturalist. Enhancing upon the hotel’s landmark concept as an agro-luxury resort, Jetwing Kaduruketha offers you an opportunity to not only taste a delicious sweet potato roti but also learn how to make it, starting from scratch.

Dig out the choicest sweet potatoes with the help of a mammoty, a traditional agricultural tool used by Sri Lanka’s farmers. Our talented chef will then show you how to wash, peel, and mash the tubers before mixing it with flour and baking it into a delectable roti.

Of course, no Sri Lankan meal is complete without a spicy sambol and a curry. The chef will guide you through the steps of creating the perfect meal, expertly blending together the myriad spices, herbs, and leaves that give Sri Lankan cuisine its distinctive flavor and aroma.

When you take your seats and the steaming roti, spicy sambol, and flavor-packed curry is brought to your table, you can enjoy a meal that you helped craft, a meal that is as fresh as it is delicious.

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